About The ERSF

The European Review of Speculative Fiction publishes multilingual reviews of global speculative fiction, scientific articles related to cognition, futurism and writing as well as critiques on the art / science / madness of writing, editing and publishing in the 21st century.

We are an eclectic bunch: overeducated, culturally and geographically diverse, not much enamored of rules, occasionally brilliant, often relatable and deeply averse to all things saccharine. Some of us are published authors, others professional editors, a few actual scientists. All of us are committed to the promotion of our evolving medium. Plus we publish occasional reviews of books you might want to read. Please feel free to reprint our reviews – we know that authors and publishers need reviews to stay relevant in the digital marketplace.

Our Review Policy:

We have personally selected our reviewers and vouch for their capability if not their sanity. If they hate your book, it’s with potentially good reason. That’s what validates them loving it (or someone else’s.) Our editorial staff has read and approved the review prior to publication – so if it’s amateurish, badly written, erroneous, or in any way offensive, we bear responsibility for the shlock presented. Email us and let’s discuss.

Our Submission Policy:

See Above. We pick our contributors carefully and then trust them implicitly. That said, we are always open to new staff – both amateur and professional. Email us with your ideas and we will take it from there.

Caveat Emptor:

We’re very serious about not being entirely serious. If that makes any sense. Seriously. We know we can’t produce a slick professional digital publication but we do have standards. We’re a small ethically minded group of critics, writers, editors and thinkers who embrace our intellectual and cultural biases with aplomb and perhaps too much gusto. Don’t expect world class editorial pizzazz. All our world class stuff should come through in our thinking, passion and intelligent consideration of literature. Unless it’s comic book zombies vs ninja vampire sorcerers, then all bets are categorically off (as in off the hook!)

The European Review of Speculative Fiction

Editor in Chief:   Andor Bochenkov

Senior Contributing Editor:   Michael Pogach