Meet the Author

Ani is likely on the right.

Having been taken in by a tribe of multi-ethnic Hippies, Ani learned the secrets of pancake making, indigenous spirituality, sci-fi fandom, and Zen meditation before finishing grade school. Since being a Professional Baklava Eater held little financial promise, Ani settled on being six feet tall and writing pulp sci-fi and fantasy. Along the way he became they (thanks Lesbian Avengers!), earned some PhDs in history, divinity, and systems engineering, embraced Mohawk and Cherokee law, then disappointingly got the dreaded Day Job. Drama ensued. 

Nowadays Ani writes novels focused on queer, Jewish, and indigenous themes with more cats, car chases, and explosions than strictly necessary. Boasting some bonkers level life experience in weird occupations with dangerous colleagues, they now live a boring life in Luxembourg with family, the ubiquitous awesome cat, and more stories to tell. Published works include The Autumn War, Requisition, and Bugbear Blues. Recently Crossroad Press published a themed short story collection focused on work: Jobs Stranger than Fiction.

Annual Celebrity Dungeon Master @ LuxCon; Signatory Member, International Committee to Prevent Unicorn Abuse; Phi Beta Kappa; and 3rd runner up in the 47th Annual West Poughkeepsie Bottle Cap Hurl. Available for weddings, exorcisms, bar mitzvahs and nuclear submarine christenings.